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Keep Track Of Your Manufacturing Progress With Manufacturing Execution Systems

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an information system which monitors and tracks the process of producing manufactured goods on the factory floor. The overall goal of MES is to make certain that manufacturing operations are effectively executed to improve production output, and oversee the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. The functioning of the Manufacturing Execution Systems also pertains to controlling and coordinating different elements of the process units. Century Control System’s MES service streamlines the manufacturing process and improves the overall output —as well as providing real-time feedback reporting. Century Control Systems provides cutting-edge solutions to improve the manufacturing efficiencies for industrial and manufacturing plants.

The Need For Manufacturing Execution Systems?

The efficient synchronization of manufacturing activities across the various parts of the organization is only possible through a well-integrated and efficient Manufacturing Execution System. With Century Control Systems, MES produces competent, identification and streamlining manufacturing track records. Here’s why you need Manufacturing Execution System:

Minimized Human Error

By automating and mechanizing the record keeping process of the manufacturing units, the instances of human error are reduced. MES makes tracking and record keeping much simpler, eliminating opportunities for error.

Efficient Down-Time Management

Real-time feedback of an MES helps identify and rectify the errors in advance, hence timely resolutions of the issues, resulting in higher productivity. A good MES helps to define the problem areas, improve production activities, measure process performance, discover opportunities for improvement, track the project goals, and exceed customer (internal and external) requirements. This all eliminates costly downtime.

Streamlining Business Operations

The use of MES helps in efficiently resolving, identifying and tracking the required changes in the manufacturing systems, in turn, giving better product quality. The criteria that is essential in MES systems include, scalability when production lots and manufacturing devices are increased, can it handle changes to the automation levels, complexity, flow changes, and/or volume growth, ... how easy can a solution or feature be deployed across all manufacturing plants, does it allow deployment of huge master data, can the MES software allow version controlling and provide a roll-back feature? These questions need to be addressed before investing in an MES system. We help our clients answer and evaluate their options to make this important decision. Deciding on the correct MES system for your organization is not always a black or white answer. While the cost and risk of installing, upgrading or replacing the mission-critical MES is significant, the cost and risk of doing nothing may be pricey as well.

Why Choose Century Control Systems For MES Services

If you are considering a new or upgrade to an existing system, invest in the optimal Manufacturing Execution System Services with Century Control Systems.
With four decades of experience in providing innovative solutions across various industries, Century Control Systems brings a legacy of expertise and world-class quality, unmatched in delivering instrumentation and control system integration. We at Century Control Systems help our clients meet their business goals with the best value proposition in the industry. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Over three decades of experience
  • Trained engineering and integrated MES solution provider
  • High-quality end-to-end solutions
  • Multi-Network expertise
  • Client first approach

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