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Upgrade Your Operational Process With Our Advanced Control Systems Solutions

With our almost 4 decades of experience we know how to make things work together. Our systems integration team can assimilate multiple communications networks and protocols to make your control systems “talk” with transparency. We provide turnkey solutions in integrating different types of DCS and PLCs into single or multiple DAS and SCADA platforms, wireless data transmission from remote locations via either RTU’s or PLC’s, data acquisition and reporting packages either our standard or custom designed for the user. We can design your systems from scratch or operate from your engineer’s plans to incorporate instrumentation, control and SCADA systems into a complete integrated system that operates like a fine tuned machine....
Century Control Systems is your one-stop solution for all of your control systems requirements. Our systems are designed to enhance safety and efficiency and to gain better insights into your operations. We provide industry-oriented solutions for open and closed single loops, and/or distributed control and PLC systems. We invite you to leverage our expert solutions to improve your control systems efficiency and performance.

Control System Solutions That Work for You!

Advanced process and machine control systems are widely used to affect the behavior of equipment and machinery in almost every industry. However, implementing these systems can be a daunting task for your operations staff. That is why you need control systems solutions from our industry experts. With over 39 years of experience in implementation of a multiplicity of varied control system types, you can rest assured that we have your answer.

Keeping the Process Running!

It is critical to keep your process and machine control systems operating at peak performance. Calibration, loop tuning, systems integration are all important factors in keeping your systems error free and operating efficiently in order to obtain your desired outcome.

Enhance Data Insights – Quick Response Time

Multivariable and automation systems require management in order to track stakeholder data and improve outcomes. Our control systems and solutions are designed to facilitate collection of a high volume of data to allow your operations personnel to afford their best opportunity of making reliable, informed real-time decisions.

Choose Century Control Systems

We understand the ramifications of the reliable control systems like no one else in our industry and have a proven track record of 39 plus years in providing industry standard solutions. Century Control Systems has expertise in implementing advanced control systems solutions for many varieties of advanced automation, multivariable control systems.
What we offer you:

  • Technology expertise
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Qualified industry experts
  • Advanced systems solutions
  • 40 years of industry experience

Demand high-quality support, improvement of outcomes and process efficiencies for your business operations. We can deliver all for you!

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