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In control systems, proper project design is essential in advancing effective control solutions to manipulate and regulate the behavior of process systems. A control system must incorporate instruments and control devices that work together to manage, command, or regulate the behavior of equipment or machinery. An effective systems design helps identify the process dynamics, modeling its behavior, with the features of its response to various outside disturbances. It is imperative to evaluate the performance of control systems through sound project design. If you have a project requiring instrumentation, controls or monitoring, networking, either via wire or wireless communications, Century Control Systems offers a basket of premium and cost-effective services. We guide you through the entire project lifecycle, which includes up-front design, complete drawing packages, with pre-approval and final documentation, Whether it’s about designing PLC, DCS, or single loop control , we design every control system based on your requirements or by your specifications. Expert, quality project design solutions are just an email or phone call away!

Why Do You Need Project Design?

Project design plays a crucial role in control systems as it helps explain clear control objectives. It allows the identification of what the process needs to achieve, which includes tracking performance, stability, and optimization of specific design criteria. Well organized, systematic project design creates better opportunities for accuracy, repeatability and efficiency in your process control systems. Here are some of the critical reasons why you need a well designed project:

Optimizing Controller System

If we examine the history of process design and operations in the U.S. we see a steady increase in the complexity in the interactions between the various units comprising the overall plant. This increase was driven by the gain in economic efficiency offered by these more complex and interactive design and operation strategies. Project design explores various control techniques in order to select the most appropriate system for your application. Single loop or distributed optimization-based controllers for feedback control of dynamic processes may be presented and evaluated.

Controller Performance Evaluation

We next seek to explore a cooperative distributed model predictive controllers (MPC) framework, in which the objective functions of the local MPCs are modified to achieve systemwide control objectives. This approach provides guaranteed nominal stability and performance properties. From manual control, to multiloop, distributed PID control, to centralized, model-based MPC for controlling single and small collections of process units, design needs to take advantage of the structure of the connections between the ... subsystems to reduce the required communications to improve dynamic performance of the process. It is important to make an evolutionary transition from the current control technology to the next technology. The controller decision making and control system's performance assessment within project design and before implementation, allows us to evaluate the entire range of systems behaviors?

Proper Communication And Documentation

A well documented control system requires a set of tools and processes that ensure vital information is approved, distributed, and archived systematically throughout their lifecycle.
Proper documentation serves as a reference for future maintenance, troubleshooting, or future optimization. Basic steps for creating a document control system include identifying all the documents to be managed for the control system, establish quality standards, create revisions procedures, manage access, establish archiving procedures. Proper project design requires the process system control procedures is well-documented and communicated.

Clear Understanding

Designing a control system requires a clear understanding of the process system goals and objectives. Thus, it studies and analyzes the system’s behavior, interactions, and dynamics. With proper understanding of process conditions, it becomes easier to develop appropriate models and choose the right control strategies. Among these are the control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information, communications, and monitoring activities.

Why Trust Century Control Systems?

Century Control Systems understands the importance of effective project design in control systems that optimize system behavior, evaluate performance, design appropriate use of instruments and controllers, etc. To upgrade your control systems, we offer exceptional project design solutions at the rates you can afford. As technology is advancing at breakneck speed, you need a partner with experience and knowledge to help you stay up-to-date. You can trust us with:

  • Team of certified experts
  • 40 years of experience in the field
  • Cost-effective project design services
  • Advanced-technology driven solutions

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