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Control systems integration is a plant management strategy that harmonizes operations across different processes and systems, ensuring a secure and seamless flow of operational data. The process of creating a complex system that may include designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing control and/or monitoring hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications. The end goal is to enhance operations and create efficiencies in hybrid control systems across the plant environment and to eliminate the signal and... comes errors that might affect the final outcome. At Century Control Systems, we provide advanced system integration solutions for all types of control and monitoring systems. Using our knowledge of engineering, and information technology, our team’s experience facilitates automation in manufacturing processes from the plant floor to the enterprise level. Our automation disciplines help manufacturers and processors reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower environmental impact. With 4 decades of experience, our specific industry-oriented integration services can enhance the efficiency and total outcome of your plant processes.

Why Do You Need System Integration Services?

The benefits of control systems integration start at the plant floor and multiply all the way up the manufacturing value chain to the boardroom. The goal is to eliminate islands of automation by establishing channels for purposeful data exchange between technologies, networks, OEM-provided equipment, and other data sources. This flow of operational and manufacturing data feeds the plant’s higher-order business systems, helping facility leaders make confident decisions in the areas that matter most: production targets, labor strategy, quality systems, and much more. Century Control Systems has a 40 year history of successful systems integration providing the ability to connect critical control monitoring, and MES functions, share insights across the value chain, eliminate communications bottlenecks between ERP and MES platforms, and re-distribute workflow to maximize cost-effectiveness. Integrating control systems requires expert assistance see the reasons below why you should choose our integration services to enhance your operations:

Centralized Control Over Tasks

Every operation needs control over the tasks through many data channels. In such a case, a system integration service establishes the centralized repository requirements, leading to efficient workflow and better outcomes. The goals are to reduce downtime and ready your operation for anything, receive early warnings of potential machine issues, accelerate Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) with proactive maintenance, and limit dependence on the labor market through intelligent automation.

Update Data Across All Systems

It is critical to continue updating data across different systems simultaneously. With effective system integration, it is easier to save time in uploading the data from each separate system, align process design with desired operational outcomes, accelerate speed to market by reducing manual tasks, transfer knowledge rapidly and reduce training time.

Safeguard Projects for Future Growth

Predict the future—then prepare for it.. Establish pathways for future integrations and rapid scale-up, adapt production targets in step with shifting consumer demand, manage inventory proactively and automatically. The role of an effective control systems integrator does not end with project startup. The technology environment that supports control systems integration requires ongoing maintenance, ... upgrading, and optimization to keep pace with digital innovation from OEMs, shifts in marketplace dynamics, and evolving internal priorities. An optimal, professional system integration services company safeguards this process. During the integration process, our engineers keep in mind every possible anomaly and customize communications workflows to provide the most successful outcomes for each stakeholder.

Why Choose Century Control Systems For System Integration?

When you have access to an integrated, intelligent network of operational data, your plant becomes easier to manage and operate, which improves your performance in a fast-moving and turbulent marketplace. That’s control systems integration in action. At Century Control Systems, we understand this and offer advanced system integration services. Our proven industry experience of 40 years in integrating multiple types of PLC and DCS, control systems, DAS monitoring systems, and IoT, into single, or multiple HMI platforms makes us unique in the industry....
Our team has knowledge of widely used control platforms. Here’s why you should choose Century Control Systems:
Support virtually the whole universe control/monitoring systems
Excellent Client-oriented 24/7 online support
Rapid responsive field services
Qualified team of integrators and programmers
Integrate your control systems efficiently with our world-class system integration services.

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