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Use Power Quality & Harmonics Testing For A Comprehensive Assessment

Harmonics are currents and voltages that cause power quality problems. They are created by electronic equipment that draws current in non-linear motion. Harmonic distortions are one of the main causes that lead to power quality issues and errors. This results in the overheating of the devices and other malfunctions in the machines. To prevent such breakdowns, the use of harmonics and quality testing comes into play. Century Control Systems provides the most technologically advanced Power Quality and Harmonics Testing available. We provide the industry the best value in Harmonics And Power Quality Testing services.

The Need For Power Quality & Harmonics Testing Solutions?

Service interruptions, equipment malfunction, and excess power consumption are all common symptoms of poor power quality. Power quality analysis is essential in diagnosing problems, finding causes, and initiating corrective actions to minimize the risk of lost production, damage to equipment and safety concerns. It is expedient to periodically test your systems. Discovery of harmonic distortions will help guard against damage to your electrical equipment and systems. Acquire the best Harmonics & Power Quality solutions from Century Control Systems. Here are a few reasons that amplify the need for power quality testing:

Cost Of The Power System

Poor power quality can lower productivity, drive energy costs, create system failures, sacrifice safety and has the potential of substantial financial loss. Let our power quality improvements testing and diagnostics identify these issues and help lead you to solutions that can prevent anomalies of harmonic distortions that reduce heat, vibration, and magnetic noise in AC motors, Our surveys can help you to significantly lower costs and increase equipment life-cycles.

Improving System’s Utility and MTBF

Proper grounding, accurate wiring and the addition of adequate power conditioning products will provide a reliable and consistent electrical system performance. Computer-based systems performance is directly related to the equipment’s grounding and bonding quality. Inadequate power quality not only affects the system’s functioning but also affects your profitability. Our power quality testing solution can improve your system’s utility and enhance your equipment MTBF.

Recognition Of Design Shortfalls

A well-integrated solution to test and diagnose the power quality of your system can identify design shortfalls and errors. Generator faults include exciters instability due to sudden increase in load and armature reaction; total field loss and for transmission and distribution systems, degradation of insulation; damage due to natural effects; sudden switching of other disturbances; damage due to natural effects sudden switching or other disturbance and ...collapse of insulation are all contributing factors to resulting from poorly designed electrical systems. Our power quality testing and diagnostics can provide a recording of these anomalies and aid in correcting your errors, generating substantial savings in energy usage and preventing machine downtime with diminished life cycles.

Why Choose Century Control Systems For Harmonics Testing?

With decades of experience in power quality instrumentation and system integration technology, Century Control Systems offers best-in-class services. We ensure that our clients achieve unparalleled power efficiency and long term equipment operation. Five reasons why you can trust us for Power Quality Testing and Diagnostics:

  • Uncompromised performance in quality testing
  • Best-in-industry Q/P manufacturers
  • Innovative technology with proven solutions
  • Prioritized with the client’s best interests in mind
  • Excellence in cost savings achievements

Choose Century Control Systems to obtain the best value in Power Quality Testing -Diagnostic solutions for your operations.

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