Kessler Ellis Products

Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) designs, manufactures and services electronic flow instrumentation, industrial displays, PLC peripherals, counters/timers, rate meters and HMI software. Kessler-Ellis Products has been supplying products to industrial customers for over 50 years. Founded in 1960, KEP started as a distributor of electromechanical counting devices, and quickly grew into a full line manufacturer/distributor of counting products. KEP continues to focus on designing and manufacturing reliable, quality products suitable for all industries.
KEP INTELLECT-69 Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP SHPFI Loop Powered Flow Transmitter
KEP MB2 MINI-Batcher Flow Batcher
KEP BATCHtrol-II Batch Controller
KEP SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
KEP MINItrol Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP ES-749 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
KEP 529K / 530K Analog Display
KEP NAMUR R/T Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP MINItrol-S Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP ES-756 Ratemeter & Totalizer
KEP SQUIRT-R Loop Powered Indicator
KEP MINItrol-PW Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP SQUIRT Loop Powered Indicator
KEP BAT RAT-M Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP BAT R/T-M Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP DRT Dual Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP BAT D/T-M Dual Totalizer
KEP RTP Dual Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP KEPtrol R/T Ratemeter / Totalizer
KEP SUPERtrol-ILE Flow Computer
KEP SUPERtrol-I Flow Computer
KEP ES-747 SUPERtrol-I Flow Computer
KEP ES-759 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
KEP ES-762 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
KEP MS-716 SUPERtrol-I Flow Computer
KEP MS-748 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
KEP LEVELtrol II Level Indicator
KEP 531 / 532 Series Temperature Displays
KEP AMP-2 Dual Preamp & Signal Conditioner
KEP AMP-1 Signal Conditioners
KEP AMP-1-N Signal Conditioner
KEP SC-II Series Signal Conditioner
KEP SC-IF Signal Conditioner
KEP SC-FI Signal Conditioner
KEP SC-FF Series Signal Conditioner

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