Emerson Industrial Automation & Control

Emerson Industrial Automation & Control has acquired GE Automation & Controls Intelligent Platforms business. Products include industry leading automation and control products, HMI interfaces, and industrial internet solutions for industries ranging from utilities to heavy manufacturing. Emerson is committed to protecting the legacy GE Automation developed components while investing heavily in the future automation solutions. All literature and product labeling is transitioning to the Emerson brand throughout 2019. Increased investments in innovative cloud-connected controllers and edge devices enable smarter machines and greater productivity. Emerson Machine Automation Solutions hardware and software can connect equipment, data, and people to insights and actions generated through analytics. Emerson PACSystem controllers and HMIs can be offered as components to your preferred integrator or as a complete pre-configured solution from Instrumart.
Emerson QuickPanel+ HMI
Emerson RXi Panel PC
Emerson RXi Industrial Monitor
Emerson PACSystems RXi HMI
Emerson RXi Web Panel
Emerson RXi2-BP Industrial PC
Emerson RXi2-LP Industrial PC
Emerson RXi2-UP Industrial PC
Emerson RXi2-XP Industrial PC
Emerson PACMotion Variable Frequency Drive
Emerson RX3i PLC
Emerson RX3i CPL410 Open Source Edge Controller
Emerson RX3i CPE400 PLC
Emerson Rx3i l/O Modules
Emerson Movicon.NExT HMI/SCADA Software
Emerson RSTi-EP I/O Modules
Emerson RSTi-EP CPE200 Series PLC
Emerson Rx3i Power Supply Modules
Emerson VersaMax PLC
Emerson Rx3i Base Plates
Emerson CPE100 / CPE115 PLC
Emerson Rx3i Network Modules
Emerson VersaMax I/O Modules
Emerson VersaMax Power Supplies
Emerson PACSystems RSTi-OM IP67 IO Link Module
Emerson VersaMax Micro 28 PLC
Emerson PACMotion Multi-Axis Motion Controller
Emerson PACMotion PSR Servo Motors
Emerson VersaMax I/O Carriers
Emerson RSTi-EP Function Modules
Emerson VersaMax Micro 14 Controllers
Emerson PAC8000 I/O Modules
Emerson VersaMax Expansion Remote Modules
Emerson Rx3i Expansion Modules
Emerson RSTi-EP Power Modules
Emerson RSTi Slice I/O Modules
Emerson RSTi Slice Power Modules
Emerson RSTi-EP Base Connector
Emerson VersaMax Micro Communication Module
Emerson PAC8000 Railbus Isolator Carrier
Emerson Industrial Ethernet Switches
Emerson RSTi Slice Function Modules
Emerson VersaSafe I/O Modules
Emerson VersaMax Micro 20 Controllers
Emerson RSTi Slice Network Interface
Emerson RSTi Slice I/O & Network Interface
Emerson PAC8000 I/O Module Carriers
Emerson VersaMax Network Interface Modules
Emerson VersaMax Serial Communications
Emerson VersaSafe Safety Bridge
Emerson VersaMax Micro 40 Controllers
Emerson VersaMax MicroMotion Expansion Module
Emerson Rx3i Motion High Speed Counting Modules
Emerson PACSafe Configurable Safety Controllers
Emerson VersaMax Micro 23 PLC
Emerson VersaMax Micro 64 Controllers
Emerson Rx3i Serial Communications
Emerson PAC8000 Network Interface Modules
Emerson PACSystems Industrial Ethernet Switches
Emerson Hilscher netTAP NT 100 Protocol Converter

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