Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducers are used in gas and liquid applications to transmit pressure readings to a control or display device via electrical signal. WIKA offers a wide variety of sensors, a number of which are designed for specific industrial applications.
Wika 990.26 Diaphragm Seal
WIKA E-10 and E-11 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA S-11 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA S-20 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA A-10 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA P-30 and P-31 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA F-21 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA N-10 and N-11 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA LH-10 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA LS-10 Pressure Transmitter

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