Calibration Pumps

Calibration pumps provide a means of generating pressure for calibrating gauges, sensors, transmitters, and more while in the field. Pressure generated with these tools is typically used as a side-by-side comparison between the unit and a reference gauge.
WIKA CPG Pneumatic Service Kit
WIKA CPP1200-X Comparison Pump
WIKA CPG Hydraulic Service Kit
WIKA CPP30 Pneumatic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP700 Hydraulic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP7000 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
WIKA CPP1000-H Hydraulic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP1000-M Hydraulic Spindle Pump
WIKA CPP7-H Pneumatic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP1000-L Hydraulic Spindle Pump
WIKA CPP120-X Comparison Pump
WIKA CPP1000-X Hydraulic Comparison Pump
WIKA CPP1600 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
WIKA CPP4000 Hydraulic Pressure Pump

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