WIKA was founded in 1946 and is today a strong and reliable partner for all the requirements of industrial measurement technology, thanks to a broad portfolio of high-precision instruments and comprehensive services. As a family-run business acting globally, with over 7,900 highly qualified employees, the WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement.
WIKA CTI5000 Infrared Calibrator
WIKA LS-10 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA LH-10 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA CPG Pneumatic Service Kit
WIKA CPP1200-X Comparison Pump
WIKA CPG Hydraulic Service Kit
WIKA CPP30 Pneumatic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP700 Hydraulic Hand Pump
WIKA CPH6000 Process Calibrator
WIKA CPP1000-H Hydraulic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP1000-M Hydraulic Spindle Pump
WIKA CPP7-H Pneumatic Hand Pump
WIKA CPP1000-L Hydraulic Spindle Pump
WIKA CPP120-X Comparison Pump
WIKA CPP1000-X Hydraulic Comparison Pump
WIKA CPP1600 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
WIKA CPP4000 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
WIKA CPP7000 Hydraulic Pressure Pump
WIKA CPG1500 Pressure Gauge
WIKA 232.54 and 233.54 Pressure Gauges
WIKA 232.53 and 233.53 Pressure Gauges
WIKA 232.34 and 233.34 Pressure Gauges
WIKA 611.10 Pressure Gauge
WIKA 612.34 and 632.34 Pressure Gauges
WIKA 232.25 Pressure Gauge
Wika L990.12 Threaded Diaphragm Seal
WIKA M93X.D1 Pressure Gauge
WIKA M932.2C Sanitary Gauge
WIKA M93X.3A Sanitary Pressure Gauge
WIKA M93X.25 Sanitary Pressure Gauge
Wika 990.26 Diaphragm Seal
WIKA 332.30 Pressure Gauge
WIKA CPH6200 Pressure Indicator
WIKA CPH6300 Pressure Indicator
WIKA E-10 and E-11 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA S-11 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA S-20 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA A-10 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA P-30 and P-31 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA F-21 Pressure Transmitter
WIKA N-10 and N-11 Pressure Transmitters
WIKA PSD-4 Pressure Switch
WIKA CTD9100-650 Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CER6000 Reference Resistors
WIKA CTM9100-150 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator
WIKA CTD9100-COOL Temperature Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CTD9100-165 Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CTD9100-375 Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CTD9100-1100 Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CTD9100-450 Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CTD9100-ZERO Dry Well Calibrator
WIKA CTB9400 Calibration Bath
WIKA CTB9500 Calibration Bath
WIKA TSD-30 Temperature Switch
WIKA CTH7000 Precision Thermometer
WIKA CTH6300 Digital Thermometer
WIKA CTR2000 Precision Thermometer
WIKA CTH6500 Precision Thermometer
WIKA CTR3000 Precision Thermometer
WIKA Model TG51 Bimetal Thermometer
WIKA TI.80 / TI.82 Solar Thermometers
WIKA CTH63I0 ATEX Digital Thermometer
WIKA CTH65I0 ATEX Precision Thermometer

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