Keller America Inc is the North American subsidiary of Keller AG Switzerland, a leader in level and pressure sensing. Keller has grown from a manufacturer of inexpensive, miniaturized microprocessors to fully packaged pressure transmitters with Total Error Band performance. Keller remains at the leading edge of the development and innovation of state-of-the-art pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters. Keller has an annual sensor production, combining OEMs with their own transmitter products, of over 1 million pieces. Keller is committed to continuing development of existing technologies as well as pioneering innovations that enable them to break into new markets. Full scale ranges from only 4 inches of water Full Scale up to 29,000 PSI are all within the Keller capabilities. Operating temperatures from -55 to 200°C are also possible with Keller. No matter what your market, Keller can offer a tailored solution.
Keller LevelRat Submersible Level Transmitter
Keller Acculevel Submersible Level Transmitter
Keller LEO2 Digital Pressure Gauge
Keller LEO Record Digital Manometer
Keller Valueline High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter
Keller Levelgage Submersible Level Transmitter
Keller LEX1 Digital Pressure Gauge
Keller Econoline General Purpose Pressure Transmitter
Keller LEO1 Pressure Gauges
Keller Microlevel Submersible Level Transmitter
Keller Preciseline High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter
Keller ECO2 Digital Pressure Gauge
Keller Pressure Calibrators
Keller 33 X Ed / 35 X Ed Pressure Transmitter
Keller LEO5 Digital Pressure Transmitter
Keller LEO3 Digital Pressure Transmitter
Keller Nanolevel Submersible Level Transmitter
Keller 35X HTC Pressure Transmitter
Keller 35X HT / 35X HTT Pressure Transmitters
Keller DCX-22 Level Logger
Keller 23 Ed / 25 Ed Pressure Transmitters
Keller Series M5 Pressure Transducer
Keller DCX-16 Level Logger
Keller DCX-25 PVDF Autonomous Data Logger
Keller Series M5 HB Pressure Transmitter
Keller DCX-38 VG Level Logger
Keller 900001.0009 Bellows Assembly
Keller 900001.0002 Drying Tube Assembly
Keller K-114 USB Converter
Keller K-114A USB Converter
Keller K-114B USB Converter
Keller 900001.0034 Termination Enclosure
Keller HU02216001 Cable Hanger
Keller 1820-28-A3 External Surge Protector
Keller 900001.0033 Stabilizing Weight
Keller Protective Rubber Boot
Keller 309030.0003 Carrying Case
Keller Sour Gas Trap
Keller K-103A Serial Converter
Keller 900001.0100 Protective Spacer
Keller K-114M USB Converter
Keller K-107 Serial Converter
Keller 900001.0014 Pressure Test Adapter
Keller 900001.0051 Pressure Test Adapter

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