Georg Fischer / GF Signet

Customers around the world depend on Georg Fischer / GF Signet for quality flow and analytical products which are simple to operate and generate reliable results for all process requirements. Committed to product excellence, Georg Fischer / GF Signet continues its pursuit of quality through innovative, leading-edge technology in flow control and measurement.
Sophisticated testing equipment ensures that every sensor, transmitter, controller, and monitor manufactured meets Georg Fischer / GF Signet’s highest standards. Engineered to provide reliable, accurate information, Georg Fischer / GF Signet instruments are used in applications ranging from water and wastewater treatment to chemical processing.
GF Signet 9900 Transmitter
GF Signet 2551 Magmeter
GF Signet 2537 Paddlewheel Flow Meter
GF Signet 515 Rotor-X Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
GF Signet 2724-2726 pH and ORP Electrodes
GF Signet 2536 Rotor-X Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
GF Signet 2850 Conductivity / Resistivity Sensor
GF Signet 9950 Two-Channel Transmitter
GF Signet Installation Fittings
GF Signet U1000 UltraFlow Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
GF Signet 8150 Flow Totalizer
GF Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller
Georg Fischer 807 Series Rotameter
GF Signet 2581 FlowtraMag Magnetic Flow Meter
GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity / Resistivity Electrodes
Georg Fischer Type 127 Ball Valve
GF Signet 2350 Temperature Sensor
GF Signet 2450 Pressure Sensor
Georg Fischer Type 546 Ball Valve
GF Signet 2540 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
GF Signet Portaflow 220 / 330 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
GF Signet 2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
GF Signet 2552 Magmeter
GF Signet 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System
GF Signet 2839-1V to 2842-1V Conductivity Electrodes
Georg Fischer 5-Series DIASTAR Ten Valves
GF Signet 2734-2736 pH/ORP Electrodes
Georg Fischer Type 167 3-Way Ball Valve
GF Signet 2100 Turbine Flow Sensor
Georg Fischer Type 567 Butterfly Valve
GF Signet 525 Metalex Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Georg Fischer Type 546 Pro Ball Valve
Georg Fischer Type 182 Ball Valve
GF Signet 2774-2777 pH and ORP Electrodes
Georg Fischer Type 231 / 232 Ball Valve
GF Signet 2000 MicroFlow Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Georg Fischer Type 104 Ball Valve
Georg Fischer Type 375 Ball Valve
GF Signet 2270 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Georg Fischer 5-Series Type 514 Diaphragm Valve
Georg Fischer Type 561 / 562 Check Valves
Georg Fischer Type 145 Butterfly Valve
Georg Fischer Type 306 Line Strainer
GF Signet 2610 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
GF Signet 2282 Guided Float Switch
GF Signet 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter
GF Signet 2250 Submersible Pressure Sensor
GF Signet 2285 Level Float Switch

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