pH and ORP Sensors

Both pH and ORP are important parameters of water quality and a wide range of process applications depend on the ability to measure and control each. Both sensors are designed to resist poisoning ions and feature new technology to ensure accurate communication of readings.


Extech PH220-C Waterproof Palm pH Meter
Extech Oyster-10 Series pH / ORP / Temperature Kits
Extech EX800/EX900 ExStick Water Quality Kits
Extech PH300 Waterproof pH / mV / Temperature Kit
Extech DO610 Dissolved Oxygen/pH/Conductivity Kit
Extech EC600 Waterproof Conductivity Meter Kit
Extech DO700 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Extech PH100 and PH110 ExStik pH Meters
Extech PH90 pH Meter
Extech RE300 ORP Meter
Extech EC500 pH/Conductivity Meter

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