Electrical Testers


Extech DV20 Voltage Detector
Extech DV30 AC Voltage Detector
Extech DV25 AC Voltage Detector
Extech CT20 Continuity Tester
Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder
Extech DVA30 AC Voltage and Current Detector
Extech VT30 Digital Voltage Tester
Extech CB10-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit
Extech 40180 Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit
Extech 480400 3-Phase Rotation Tester
Extech 480403 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester
Extech PRT200 Non-Contact Phase Sequence Tester
Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester
Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester

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