Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are the simplest, most direct way of measuring pressure. With a variety of measuring techniques and a wide range of sizes and ranges, pressure gauges display pressure at the spot of measurement rather than transmitting the readings to a control or display device. They provide an easy way to see pressure at a glance. Pressure gauges are often analog though digital models provide more versatility and options.
Dwyer 2000 Series Magnehelic Pressure Gauges
Dwyer 605 Series Magnehelic Indicating Pressure Transmitters
Dwyer DPG Series Pressure Gauges
Dwyer A3000 Photohelic Pressure Switch
Dwyer DPGA and DPGW Pressure Gauges
Dwyer DM DigiMag Differential Pressure Transmitter
Dwyer DPG-200 Digital Pressure Gauge
Dwyer DCGII Digital Pressure Gauge

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