Pressure Sensors

Druck pressure sensors deliver world-class performance, stability, quality, accuracy, and quickest response in any environment. Their incredibly flexible range of silicon pressure sensors, particularly the Druck UNIK5000 and Druck ADROIT6000, offer high-performance pressure measurements and support a variety of accuracies, outputs, temperature ranges, and physical constructions that can be configured specifically to your application’s requirements.
Druck ADROIT6000 Pressure Sensor
Druck UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensing Platform
Druck 1800 Series Submersible Pressure Transmitters
Druck TERPS RPS/DPS 8000 Pressure Sensor
Druck UNIK 5000H Hydrogen Focused Pressure Sensor
Druck DPS5000 CANBus Digital Pressure Sensor
Druck PTX661 Pressure Transmitter
Druck TERPS RPS/DPS 8100 Pressure Sensor
Druck TERPS RPS/DPS 8200/8300 Pressure Sensor
Druck UNIK 5600 / 5700 Pressure Sensor Platform
Druck UNIK 5800 / 5900 Pressure Sensing Platforms
Druck TERPS RPS/DPS8000H Pressure Sensor
Druck DPS5000 SDI-12 Digital Pressure Sensor
Druck DPS5000 Digital Pressure Sensor

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