CHINO Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial process instruments, sensors, and control equipment for measuring and controlling temperature, moisture, thickness, and humidity. CHINO is known throughout the world as an innovator and provider of quality instruments for over 60 years. CHINO’s instruments include recorders and infrared thermometers.

CHINO IR-HA Series Infrared Thermometers
CHINO AL4000 Series Hybrid Strip Chart Recorders
CHINO AH4000 Series Hybrid Strip Chart Recorders
CHINO LE5000 Series Strip Chart Recorder
CHINO KR2S Series Graphic Recorder
CHINO KR2000 Series Graphic Recorder
CHINO KR3S Series Graphic Recorder
CHINO KR3000 Series Graphic Recorder
CHINO TP-L Series Thermal Imaging Sensor

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