Inertial Sensors

Inertial sensors are a class of instruments designed to measure the tilt, slope, or acceleration forces of an object. Tiltmeters, inclinometers, and accelerometers are essential to applications that demand precise leveling. These include but are not limited to, boom positioning and control, vibration analysis, geophysical testing, radar, and platform positioning.
Bently Nevada 330400 / 330425 Accelerometer
Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter
Bently Nevada 330500 Velomitor Velocity Sensor
Bently Nevada Ranger Pro Vibration Sensor
Bently Nevada 190501 CT Velomitor Velocity Transducer
Bently Nevada 330525 Velomitor XA Velocity Sensor
Bently Nevada 200350 / 200355 Accelerometers
Bently Nevada 330750 / 330752 Velomitor Velocity Sensor
Bently Nevada 20015x Series Accelerometers
Bently Nevada 330505 Low Frequency Velocity Sensor

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